Test Creator

Test Creator 1.3

Creates tests, exams, quizzes and other forms of assessment

The Test Creator software program allows you to create a test type of your choice to measure the amount of learning acquired from a specific lesson or topic.

The program automatically creates a test type that can be used to check the amount of lessons a learner has acquired on a specific topic. The Test Creator can make multiple choice questions, quizzes or even long exams to be used to check on a person's absorption of a certain subject matter.

The Test Creator is not entirely intended for school use. It is also used by tutors or even by parents of young children to find out what lessons their children learn.

This program is very useful to determine follow up lessons you need to provide. The Test Creator can create online assessments and will automatically save the scores so you can review and analyze them at a later date.

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Test Creator


Test Creator 1.3

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